My name is Sarah Jones and I am an avid, although still amateur, photographer.  I love taking pictures with whatever device I have at hand.  Some days it’s my cell phone and other days is it a point-and-shoot camera or a full-blown D-SLR.  On a few occasions, it’s all three cameras at once!

Over the years, I have discovered that since I made the shift to digital photography, most of my pictures never get printed or shared so they are never truly enjoyed.  My photos are now locked in a “digital prison”!  That is not what I want.  If I can’t see my pictures, the memory of the event quickly fades away.  Also, my elders that have not joined in with the social media flow, or are not very computer friendly, never see the photos that I capture anymore.  I have been looking for an alternative way to view and share my photos ever since I made this realization.

Viola! The answer finally came to me – digital photo frames!  Now I research digital photo frames to find the perfect solution for my photo sharing needs and desires.  Along the way, I also started researching other devices that help with archiving and sharing precious memories.

It is my hope that this website will help you in your journey to “free your photos” from their digital prisons too!